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Pick up a bagel and cream cheese from a top-notch bagel shop

Toasted or not toasted? Sweet or savory? Cream cheese or butter? Whatever your bagel preferences are, you can find them at Main Street Bagel. We sell fourteen different bagel flavors, with our most popular choices including chocolate chip, sesame, everything and plain.

Everything is made fresh on-site, from our bagels to our cream cheese. If you want to be the hero of your office or your next family gathering, you can let us bring the bagels. Call 908-237-4688 now to ask about our catering services.

No bagel is complete without cream cheese

No bagel is complete without cream cheese

Once you've decided what type of bagel you'd like, it's time for cream cheese. Our cream cheeses are available in a wide range of flavors, like...

  • Olive
  • Plain
  • Low-fat plain
  • Veggie
  • Scallion
  • Raisin walnut
  • JalapeƱo

Our business owner's favorite is a classic plain bagel with plain cream cheese, but he takes pride in getting to know each customer and offering what they love too. We don't just support our customers, but also the community as a whole. Speak with our team today to learn about our scholarship program with local high schools, including Central High School.